Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my life is pretty boring. all i do is snowboard skateboard and play video games. i might even eat if i feel like it. i love to sleep. my tummy hurts. i wanna go home and hit up some cod 5. i cant play the drums anymore because my set is missing a bass peddle and all the cymbals. so i just shred on the acoustic. i'm listening to russian circles right now. they are an amazing instrumentalist band. the drummer is a freak. i don't know how he does it. but anyways i was going to an indoor skatepark thats just about 7 or 8 miles away from my house and it took literally (no exagerating) an hour to get not even half way. the roads were covered in snow and it was a truckin blizard out there. i'm tellin ya man it was freak! anyways i turned my jeep around and went home to get my daily dose of cod 5.

Monday, December 1, 2008


half of the Baczuk side of my family came to our house for thanksgiving this year. It was pretty good because the half that couldn't make it were a bunch of little kids. There was no annoying litlle kids running around yelling your name and screaming and singing and dancing around. It was probablly the most peacful thanksgiving I've ever had. I weighed myself before I ate the thanksgiving dinner. I weighed 141 pounds before and 146 pounds after. I gained 5 pounds! my brother and my cousin both gained 4 pounds. I was deffenately full.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you look at my face today you will notice a huge scar right smack in the middle of my forehead going up and down. This is how it all happened; My sister and I were having fun running around in the living room when we were about 3 and 4 years old. Of course she is the older one so she had the great idea to play a game. Now this game didn't sound dangerous at the time but looking back on it it was really dumb and unsafe, we were still 3 and 4 so we didn't know any better. Anyways the game was called choo choo train, and in this game you have at least two people and you stand in a line putting your hands on top of the person's sholders in front of you. Now the person in front is called the engine and the kicker to this possition is that when you are the engine you have to have your eyes closed the whole time. So eather the caboose or the person right behind the engine is the one with their eyes open and they are the ones who lead the engine thrugh the room while running really fast. We decided to play this game and of course i started as the engine. I didn't really think anything was going to happen seeing as that I was only 3 and really hyper. I closed my eyes and started to run. My sister was pretty good at leading me. I was having so much fun when all of a sudden I felt something hit me right in the forehead. It stopped me immediatly. I opened my eyes and started getting really dizzy. I brought my hand to my head and pulled it off to look at it and it was covered in blood. Nothing at this moment hurt but as soon as I noticed the blood I started freaking out! I started feeling dizzy and I started to fall asleep and the next thing i knew i was in the hospital with paper over my face. I didn't know at the time but I was getting stitches. It sort of tickled because I was on so much drugs. That is how I got the huge scar smack in the middle of my forehead.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rush is litterally the best and most talented group of musical artists that has ever got together! There is a tv show called Chuck and one of the caracters in an episode said that Rush is the music of the universe, and they are! Geddy Lee is the lead singer and bassist. He is amazing at bass and can go pretty high with his voice. Alex Liveson is there lead guitarist and he can rip the guitar like none other! Last but not least is Neil Peart. He is the best drummer that has ever played on this earth! you might not believe me but when you go to a Rush concert and you watch and hear his drum solo you will believe me! His drum solos are at the least 10 minutes long and they are so amazing you cant even believe what is going on. You'll watch his arms and when he does a roll they move so fast that they look like they are going in one smooth motion. He is always on beat, unlike the drummer for Iron Maiden. Peart, no matter how fast he plays or how fast he changes drums he never loses his beat. A cool little fact that not very many people know about Rush is that Neil Peart writes all of the lyrics the most of their songs. another interesting fact about Rush is that Geddy Lee is Jewish and his family went to a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. His dad and his brother died, but his mom survived and raised him. I don't know too much about Alex Liveson but Rush is the best band of all time!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Neil Peart is THE BEST drummer of all time! He is my idol and i hope to be as good as him some day.